What is NEUROASPIS® plp10?

NEUROASPIS® plp10 is a nutraceutical based on a completely original and innovative therapeutic philosophy of multiple sclerosis (a multifactorial disease) therapeutic approach and possibly for other incurable multifactorial diseases. It is a holistic treatment approach of the disease through systems medicine (systems medicine) without side effects unlike any other approved medications in the market that are also associated with serious side effects.

What are the active ingredients of NEUROASPIS® plp10?

In 20ml of NEUROASPIS® plp10 formulation are contained OMEGA-3 acids (EPA:DHA) (9.000 mg); OMEGA-6 acids (GLA:LA) (9.000 mg); γ-Tocopherol (Vitamin E) (22mg (33 IU)); β-carotene (Vitamin A) (0.6 mg (1000 IU)) of the highest quality.

Do NEUROASPIS® plp10 product contains chemical additives?

NEUROASPIS® plp10 does not contain any kind of chemical additives. The active ingredients originate from oils derived from plants and seeds plants that are grown in a natural way and are harvested at the optimal time of flowering, as well as from fish oil and oily fish which are dietary sources (genetically modified plants and fishes are not used). Moreover, it does not contain heavy metals.

What is the posology and method of administration of NEUROASPIS® plp10? How long can NEUROASPIS® plp10 product be taken?

NEUROASPIS® plp10 20ml once daily, half hour before dinner or as suggested by your doctor. It is a food supplement that has to be taken for ever and needs 6 months to normalize the cells to physiological standards. Under 18 years: Consult a doctor.

Is NEUROASPIS® plp10 product efficacious?

NEUROASPIS® plp10 contains well known and defined natural (non-pharmaceutical) ingredients which have been used and suggested for years as food supplements for body and mind health. Multiple scientific publications and clinical trials by other investigators support the use of NEUROASPIS® plp10’s as natural non-pharmaceutical alternative in providing neuro-protective and cardio-protective benefits.

Are there any contra-indications? What kind of side effects do NEUROASPIS® plp10 has?

Provided that the posology and dosage of NEUROASPIS® plp10 is respected, the product is safe and there are no known safety concerns or side effects.

Can I get an allergic reaction to NEUROASPIS® plp10 ingredients?

NEUROASPIS® plp10 does not contain any known allergens. However, it is impossible to predict whether an individual is allergic or not to one of its ingredients.

Do I need to consult with my physician before I take NEUROASPIS® plp10 products?

It is advised to consult your physician, however, it is an OTC (over the counter product) registered in E.U. product and no medical prescription is required.

Will use of NEUROASPIS® plp10 interfere with the action of other medicaments?

There is no evidence for such interference. Please consult with a specialist doctor before taking NEUROASPIS® plp10 in case you are prescribed and are currently using other medicaments for different diseases.

How will I know if NEUROASPIS® plp10 is working?

It reduces the frequency of relapses (flares) of the disease but mainly the progression of the disability of patients. It can be associated with improvement of hearing, vision, movement and muscle numbness.

How long does it take to work/act?

It usually takes 6 months or more without pre-exclude earlier effect. Often, MS patients report some symptom improvement within the first few weeks. Other patients report improvement over the course of several months. Remember that each patient experiences the disease in a completely different manner.

Will I have new symptoms?

Yes until the organism is completely normalized.

What if I get overdose?

There is no such possibility as all of the ingredients are structural molecules and are going to be used for normalization of the tissues of need and the vitamins used are extruded within 18-20 hours if in excess.

Can this formula cure me completely?

For now we can say that is able to considerably delay the disease as an adjuvant to the existing medications until we have the results from the Phase III study.

Can I use NEUROASPIS® plp10 for prevention?

Yes it can also be used as prevention by anybody who likes to have prevention for the aforementioned diseases, as neuro-protective and cardio-protective, for blood pressure normalization and or blood cholesterol and triglyceride normalization.

Can I use NEUROASPIS® plp10 for other diseases as well?

As we have already explained it can be used for any disease or syndrome related to the central nervous system, heart disease, as anti-inflammatory agent and according to the above answer to the question.

Where is NEUROASPIS® plp10 manufactured? Is its quality guaranteed?

NEUROASPIS® plp10 is manufactured in Greece under strict quality control and according to Good Manufacturing practices.

Where can I get the product from?

Please contact us at info@aniva-int.com.